Sport Event Management


Sport Event Management is a system that comprises of three cores : Games Management System, On-Venue Result System, and Accreditation Management System

Games Management System

a part of the system that handles the registration, payment, and scheduling for a competition. It also informs essentially anyone who is interested in the competition through the competition's website


Accreditation Management System

a hub to oversee competition that uses series system and is capable of creating graph and pie-charts of any data needed by the user of Champ.


On-Venue Result System

the part of the system that handles the recording of any events happened during the competition that is pertinent to the competition

The idea behind the creation

  • We understand that today's people need not the hassle of coming to the registration spot. Everything can be done from their home. Same goes with payment. Only the receipt of transfer is needed.
  • We understand how time-consuming it is to schedule fixtures/bouts. Any scheduling matter is automated in Champ, unless needed otherwise.
  • We know that a competition attracts audience, and they needs news, information, pictures etc. of the competitions Participants to some extent would also like to be documented as a part of the competition. We provide that for you, and for them.
  • The events recorded by Champ is not only for the purpose of informing audience, but as a means for development for athletes participating in the competition organised with Champ e.g. we record individual statistics in our futsal version of Champ (F-Champ) such as passes completed, goals scored, counterattacks launched, etc. that will help the club and its players to improve based on the data recorded.