A sport that has enjoyed a growth over the past decade, futsal requires four outfield players and a goalkeeper for each side. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins. Over the years, its enthusiasts have also been presented many opportunities due to increase in the number of local, regional, national, and international competitions.



Our empowerment for futsal is F-Champ which consists of three cores: Competition Management (Futsal Competition Management System/FCMS), Match Record (On-Venue Match Record/OVMR), Competition Hub (Dashboard Event Management System/DEMS). F-Champ features:

·        Online Registration. Handles registration of clubs, athletes, and officials as well as helps you with verification and payment.

·        Match Configuration. It lets you sit back while it automatically create grouping/drawing, fixtures, and general schedule.

·        Reporting. Combined with OVMR, it lets you read deeper into each fixture due to the provision of match record and individual statistics.

·        News (Website). Provides you information, pictures, schedule, and any other information for the competition. It serves as a hub for organisers, participants, clubs, and essentially anybody else who has interest in the competition.

·        Match Record. Informs you the bigger picture of a fixture with information such as ball possession per half, shots on/off target, bookings, corner kicks, and counterattack situations (1v1, 2v1, etc.)

·        Individual Statistics. Information provided such as complete pass, shot on/off target, dribble, tackle, block, steal, interception, and many more will

·        Play-by-play Live Report. A feature that serves as a deeper insight to a game, reporting the game one play after another such as when a goal is scored, who is it by, when GK made a save, etc. This feature is lauded over the course of our beta test because of the fast reports.