One of the oldest martial art originated from the Ryukyu Islands dated back some 1400 years ago, it has since raised its reputation to become one of the most practiced martial art/sport and has had many international competitions held worldwide. To date, it is still developed by many through the use of competitions.

Our empowerment provides you the tools needed to create and arrange karate-related events.


Our karate empowerment takes in two different forms: K-Champ and K-Exam.

K-Champ is for you who wants to organise a karate competition whether it is local or nation-wide or even international. It features:

·        Online Registration. This time-saving, energy-saving, and user-friendly feature is customisable. Organisers will benefit from not having to go through piles of registration form, and the queries within the registration form can be easily altered.

·        Auto-draw and auto-group. Organisers will not have to spend any time formulating the drawing and grouping that is essential to a karate competition as it is done automatically by K-Champ. It takes into account that dojos with more than an athlete in one category generally do not want to have the athletes meet at the first bout, as well as several t

·        Website. for news, pictures, schedule, bracket, and any other information for the competition. It serves as a hub for organisers, participants, dojo, and essentially anybody else who has interest in the competition.

·        Scoring System. Our digital scoring system provides not only scores, but also accurate timekeeping and match records such as fouls (hansoku, hansoku-chui, etc.) and disqualification (shikkaku). Everything is just a click away.