Yes, we have had our share of success over the years. These are some of the more notable ones.

KIPT 2013 & 2014

2013 - OngoingMalaysiaEmpowerment: F-Champ

Dubbed the biggest varsity futsal event in Malaysia, it is a competition that has been going strong for almost two years with F-Champ as its empowerment.

KIPT 2013 & 2014 sees the deployment of a full-scale F-Champ (CMS, OVMR, and DEMS) and is looking forward to further the partnership we have created to the upcoming KIPT in 2015.

The 3rd ISG 2013

Sep 22 - Oct 31 2013South Sumatra, IndonesiaEmpowerment: K-Champ

The 3rd ISG 2013 not only symbolises the solidarity between Islamic countries around the world, but also marks the introduction of K-Champ 2.0.

During the event, K-Champ garnered attention and accolades from the participants, team managers, and their supervisors, as well as audience.s

Grassroots U-12

IndonesiaEmpowerment: K-Champ

As a way to give back to the Republic of Indonesia, Brilyan Sport Technology worked together with the organisers of Grassroots Indonesia U-12 Tournament to create a tournament different than any other.

The event earned respect from the parents of participants and they confessed their concern of the seemingly stagnant development of Indonesia's soccer has been partially cured, if not all, by the development of F-Champ.

26th SEA Games 2011

IndonesiaEmpowerment: K-Champ

An important event that draws attention from the people of the Republic of Indonesia, the 26th SEA Games 2011 was a success to both the National Sports Committee of Indonesia and Brilyan Sport Technology.


The event saw the introduction of K-Champ to the international stage and received accolades from foreign team managers as well as their supervisors.